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Middle-earth Talk Radio Show Episode 0038 November 6 2011

by Hawke last modified Nov 19, 2011 01:28 PM
Michael Martinez and Hawke Robinson in episode 38 of Middle-earth Talk Radio Show.
Middle-earth Talk Radio Show Episode 0038 November 6 2011

Felicia Day versus Jace Hall lightsaber battle

Duration: 1:10:37 (1 hour, 10 minutes, 37 seconds)

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Opening Music

Title: Legolas

Band: Brobdingnagian Bards

Album: Memories of Middle-earth

More Information:



  • 1968 BBC Documentary Video of J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Not going to discuss - Peter Jackson 4th Video Log
  • Not going to discuss - Patrick Stewart "Use the Force Harry - Signed Gandalf"
  • Not going to discuss - Occupy Mordor
  • Occupy Valinor, did not go well...
  • The new Art of The Hobbit book
  • Michael interviewed Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull recently
  • Michael and Hawke have both received this book since this show was recorded and before it was edited and uploaded.
  • Michael also recently interviewed John D. Rateliff, author of The History of The Hobbit.
  • There is a new revised version of The History of The Hobbit including new material.
  • Michael's new site
  • Middle-earth Unplugged - First person perspectives in the style of National Geographic
  • Francesco Nepitello kudos to Michael for the essay
  • Horror in the Woods - How Men Live in Mirkwood
  • The One Ring Role Playing Game by Francesco Nepitello and published by Cubicle 7 and Sophisticated Games
  • Tolkien used Gothic to represent the language of that reason.
  • What were the Phantoms?
  • New Q&A Essays - over 200 new articles since mid-July
  • Publishing recaps of the Editorial sections of Chris Seeman's Other Minds Magazine
  • Later will do the same for Other Hands Magazine
  • Michael now systematically interviewing Tolkien scholars
  • Also interview Michael of Tolkien Studies, and also Janet of Mythopoeic Society
  • Many others on the way
  • Other Hands Magazine next issue postponed until December release
  • Other Hands Magazine Facebook page
  • Hawke's Tolkien Scholars Facebook Page
  • Hawke's Demonstrations at Merlyn's of The One Ring RPG
  • Difficulty getting any promotional material or even responses from Cubicle 7, so Hawke made his own
  • Margaret Weiss Serenity RPG
  • Hawke further discusses his review of The One Ring RPG
  • Typical cost of RPG's getting so expensive
  • The AD&D 1st Edition Unearthed Arcana book bindings keep seeming to fall apart
  • However, the cost to reward hours ratio compared between RPGs to Computer games at same price, or Trading Card Games
  • Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine
  • Abhor Steam game delivery system
  • Michael's preference with strategy games such as Civilization
  • Dragon Age computer-based RPG
  • test generating engine
  • Michael's lifelong ban against being allowed to participate in any Tolkien trivia games
  • Re-enable the IRC Tolkien Trivia bot? Let us know!
  • The Tolkien Chat Room
  • David Bratman
  • Icelandic scholar, Helen Buckhurst
  • The Coal Biters
  • Would listeners like us to offer Video casts in addition to just the audio casts?
  • Would you like live streaming shows audio and/or video?
  • Or do you just want the audio podcasts to continue only?
  • Should we broadcast with Google Plus Hangout?
  • Hawke still needs to create and submit soundbites for Middle-earth Network
  • Felicia Day and Jace Hall humorous bit




BBC Tolkien Documentary -

The Art of The Hobbit book -

Middle-earth Role Playing List -

Middle-earth Unplugged -

Horror in the Woods -

The One Ring RPG Cubicle 7 Website -

Hawke's Reviews of TOR RPG - (newer reviews)  and (older reviews)

Other Hands Magazine: (includes archives of all the Other Minds Magazine issues too)

Tolkien Scholars Page:

Margaret Weiss Productions -

 Felicia Day and Jace Hall ongoing battle (be warned, Jace Hall show has strong language) - Part 1 initial interview:

Part 2 Blizzard WoW abuse:

Part 3 Jace Hall offices ransacked by Felicia:

Part 4 Light saber battle:

 Felicia Day blog about these episodes:



Closing Music

Title: The Fall of Gil-Galad

Band: Anois

Album: Unreleased

More Information:

Will Harry Potter have the longevity of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings?
Does Harry Potter have the staying power of Tolkien?

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